You’re crazy aunt, uncle, cousin, neighbor, high school buddy, et al.

Trump is not going to start a media empire. He’s gonna sell his name to the highest bidder or to multiple non exclusive deals. That’s his business model.

Currently there are three larger cable/youtube channels seemingly auditioning to become the official TrumpTVTM. They are AONN, NDT (Falun Gong), and NewsmaxTV. Or maybe all three will exist as a way to create a larger TrumpTV ecosystem. On these stations they are spinning an alternate universe that makes FOX look quaint. FOX is just a gateway drug now. They’ve all existed for years but have ramped up over the past four years after jumping on the Trump train. According to all of them Trump is winning the election, he’s winning court battles left and right, and the Democrats are colluding with China, big tech, the media, a dead Hugo Chavez, the FBI, the CIA, the Deep State, George Soros, Daffy Duck, an international pedophile ring, global elites, hollywood elites, universities, the avon lady, and many many more, to destroy the hardest working man of all time, Donald Jessica Trump. I made up the Jessica part. I don’t know what the J stands for, I always assumed Jagoff.

It’s hard to tell the reach of these entities but the narrative they are selling is the same narrative that 70-80% of Republican voters believe. That’s at least 50 million people. We’ve got a lot of problems and we can’t really afford 50 million people running around in La La Land and getting their ammo in a bunch everytime we try to solve a problem. Getting spurred on by the seemingly endless amount of sellouts who love to fan the flames and watch the world burn with a smile on their face.

There’s lots of theories about how to reach these people and it’s imperative that we chill them out for all of our sakes. But we’ll never be able to do anything if we allow these propaganda machines to run amuck without consequences. Not sure how, but we have to do it or we’re going to completely lose the ability to govern ourselves. This isn’t a speech thing anymore, this is weaponized tech.

A good start would be to prosecute Trump and as many of these Republican enablers and media personalities as we can. There have to be investigations, hearings, tribunals, something in order to make sure these propaganda machines don’t fester and allow someone who’s actually smart to come along in a few years and really pull this off. Taking out Tucker and Hannity for colluding with Trump and using their platform to spread his election conspiracies designed to aid the Republican coup would go a long way. Maybe the same can be done with the owners of these other channels. And while we’re at it we should take out the my pillow guy and Scott Bao. All right, just kidding about the my pillow guy.

Seriously, we don’t have time for this. And while trials sound like a dangerous slippery slope we should consider that if Trump and RepubliCoTM had pulled this off they were already geared to prosecute top Democrats like Adam Schiff. We didn’t have the headspace to investigate Bush, and we should have, but that was different. He stayed within enough of the framework to get away with illegally invading Iraq and thwarting a real investigation into the terror financing networks coming out of Saudia Arabia. Plus years had passed by and they already got what they wanted by 2008. This is happening right now, we’re watching them try to pull off a coup. We can plainly see who’s involved. I’ve always argued that if we had taken TeamBush to task we would never have ended up with Trump. Well if we don’t take Trump and his enablers to task a lot worse is going to happen.