Michael DiGioia is a Creative Director residing in Chicago, Illinois, USA. He has worked as a photographer, filmmaker and designer/art director.

Creative Director

Michael has been an Art Director for magazines, newspapers and creative production houses. He managed a team of designers for the Chicago Tribune, built his first website in 1995 for Chicago’s 3rdWord magazine and most recently served as Creative Director of Media Made Great, where he managed designers, developers, writers, and video artists producing work for a wide range companies.

You can see an archive of some that work here: www.mediamadegreat.com


Michael has been a freelance photographer on and off since the early 90s. This web page, michaeldigioia.com, showcases some of the editorial, documentary, street and art photography that he has produced. He’s been published in dozens of magazines and newspapers in North and South America and Europe.

Film and Video

Michael has worked on feature-length documentaries, such as Dream Havana, which was featured on PBS’s Voces series, as well commercial projects ranging from television commercials to short films and music videos.

You can see some of his freelance photography and film work here: www.photomiked.com

You can reach him at 312.498.8363 or email him at miked [at] mediamadegreat.com.