Who died and made Joe Manchin king?

Joe Manchin just killed the Reconciliation bill and demanded a vote on infrastructure or else. All while calling the progressives obstructionists.

Hi arguments?

Adds to the debt.  It wouldn’t but his infrastructure bill does so who cares.

It will hurt American families.  Obviously that’s bullshit.

He can’t support expanding government run programs.  He has no problem spending four times as much on the military.

He basically held a press conference and spouted a bunch of Republican talking points.  The good news? He’s obviously getting uncomfortable and he should be uncomfortable.  He’s obstructing cutting child poverty in half, addressing climate change, expanding Medicaid for millions, adding dental, hearing and eye care to Medicare, bringing down drug prices, child care, affordable college and more.

Also, he claims that the progressives are holding his bill hostage and that’s just untrue but he keeps saying it because he knows it confuses people. To be clear, he knew the deal when he made the deal that the progressives, which make up 96% of the Democrats and represent hundreds of millions more people than him and Sinema do. The deal was that the progressives would never vote for his lobbyist written infrastructure bill unless he voted for reconciliation. He can say whatever he wants but that was the deal and he always knew it and he’s lying when he says he didn’t. So his claim that he has been negotiating in good faith is pretty much out the window right there.

I say go back to the 3.5 trillion dollar bill.  Bring it to the floor and make them vote no. The democrats should have done that in the first place. And if I see one more journalist call this guy anything other than a disingenuous obstructionist I’m gonna blow my lid.