We’re officially insane

If you don’t know our history with Iraq before the 2003 invasion, and you probably don’t, then it would be hard to understand what a lack of moral high ground the United States has to tell a country like Israel not to perform genocide against the Palestinians. And that’s just one recent example, we could probably fill a library, oh we have, but no one’s been reading it? That checks.

Nevertheless, we have to start somewhere. So, at the moment, we’re air dropping food into Gaza and okaying hundreds of ammunition supply contracts for the IDF all at the same time. Yes, we are officially that schizophrenic. I get the argument, if we don’t arm Israel they’ll be defenseless when Iran, or someone else, attacks them. And then we’ll have to attack Iran, and then it’s WWIII. Or something along those lines. Yes, that’s where 75 years of failed foreign policy has taken us. Logic so twisted it can’t even be considered logic anymore.

So apparently, because of our disfunction, we have no choice but to sit back and watch a genocide happen on TikTok while U.S. arms manufacturers make Billions of dollars.

Just when you thought America couldn’t be more morally bankrupt she always finds a way.

Or how about this? We could actually have the courage of our supposed convictions and do the stuff we say we do but rarely actually do, and stop sending Israel ammunition and organize a massive humanitarian aid mission to keep 2 million people from starving to death.

How about that America?

And yes, Joe Biden is the latest American President to have Palestinian blood on his hands. While I don’t think any American President in my lifetime would have done much of anything different, it is within his power to stop this. And believe me, not supporting Israel in the way that he has will surely cost him the election just as supporting Netanyahu’s crusade against the Palestinian people has already cost him the election. Only one is the right thing to do and the other is mass murder.

I think we all know what will happen when the Republicans take power and what it will mean for our democracy. But, if we think that our democracy is worth funding a genocide then maybe we don’t deserve it. I think at this point we have to earn it with something more than just winning an election or two, no matter the cost.

**Note: I didn’t lightly use the term genocide here. This was written after the ICC deemed it plausible that Israel is committing genocide and stated that Israel must prevent genocide going forward and preserve any evidence. They plan on ruling fully on the matter later this year.