The Republican’s Monster

The Republicans Monster

I don’t want to talk much about Marjorie Taylor Greene because frankly she’s crazy and we shouldn’t give her rhetoric, and her lack of accountability for it, any more oxygen.  But we should acknowledge the source of her existence. She represents the Frankenstein’s monster of the Republican Party.  They’ve spent decades creating and cultivating lies and misinformation to stay in power, enrich their wealthy patrons and maintain the American caste system. Most of them know what they tout are lies, right? It always comes down to this basic question, are they lying? Or are they crazy. Well, both to some degree.  They’re crazy for thinking that denying global warming will somehow not affect them.  But that crazy doesn’t equate to lasers in space controlled by jews are starting wildfires. Now that’s crazy, crazy!

Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, the list is about as long as the number of Republican lawmakers, are all liars. Sure also crazy, but for the most part just soulless disingenuous spineless unabashadley to a criminal extent liars. For decades they’ve been doing everything they can to create this bizarro world of disinformation and outrage to rile their base. And to be clear this outrage isn’t just mindless, as the demographics have changed the outrage is more and more about white outrage and feeding into the white fear that is ending the American caste system.  That fear is real to a large swath of the American public and as we’ve seen it can warp peoples minds and make them believe almost anything.

Year after year some new rising star of bullshit has been more than happy to step in and splash their smug little faces all over Fox news in a bold effort to take this outrage to a whole new level.  Well now that outraged and delusional base is sitting right next to them.  That base is filling up local Republican legislatures across the country. And that base isn’t in on the lie anymore, they’re just crazy, and terrified, that their world is going to end, and they’ll turn on any Republican as easily as they would the lawless, antiAmerican, socialist, evil-doers they believe makes up the Democratic Party, the media, the elites, the tech companies, Black Lives Matter, the environmentalists, and every other perceived threat to their station in life on American soil.  This is, after all, their country, it’s always been their country and they’ll never give it up freely.

At least Frankenstein tried to kill his monster, the Republican’s aren’t that smart or willing to cut their losses. They’re going to burn it all down because frankly they can’t help themselves.  I mean that literally, they can’t help themselves. I know, I always bring everything back to race, I guess I can’t help myself.  But that’s what this is. Until recently racism wasn’t in the purview of just one political party or defined by either liberalism or conservatism.  It just permeated everything to the point where most of the population couldn’t see it any more than they could see the air they breathe. But recently there’s been a new disruption in the force.

Sure, people will say that the Democrats are only towing the line just enough to keep everyone under control as they have traditionally done.  They are, after all, by far the worst major political party in the history of America, except for the other one. Well maybe, but increasingly they are being co opted by more anti-racist voices in a way we haven’t seen before. And compared to the Republicans strategy of, I don’t know, let’s just see how many people we can instill false outrage in until we can overthrow democracy because otherwise the demographics will eventually lead to an end of the American caste system? Is that it?  That seems like it now.

So I know there’s a lot of talk about the future of the Republican party but let’s be clear, there is no future of the Republican party outside of authoritarian rule. Maybe what comes out of the ashes will keep the name but the party as it exists now has only a couple of paths.  Take responsibility for what they’ve done and work to reverse the mental illness they’ve fostered for decades? Or double down with the crazies until they can end Democracy? 

Next week they’ll have one last chance to redeem themselves and we all know that they’ll double down with the crazies and then the fire is inevitable.  Maybe something will come out of the ashes but we’re all going to get burned unless we help them help themselves by having trials and tribulations and commissions and take them to task for where we are now. Sure, both parties got us here in some way or another, but currently only one party is ready to start a civil war.  The so-called party of personal responsibility has one last chance to be responsible and if they don’t the adults need to step in before they get all of us hurt.