The quadruple whammy

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Michael DiGioia – October 28, 2020

The quadruple whammy

I know I’m a broken record and now that Facebook is absolutely throttling any political or social commentary no one will probably even see this. So we know they’re going to try to steal it but here’s how they’re going to do it. It has four major parts. National and local press, Trump and all Republicans, the courts and the money people who bought them.

First of all, if you didn’t know, it’s important to understand that a huge chunk of local news sources have been taken over by Republican operatives. Local newspapers that have been decimated over the years have been quietly replaced with thousands of websites that coordinate coverage and spit out pay to play content mostly funded by conservative, sorry I meant right wing extremist (thanks Tony Gold), sources. And local TV has been largely taken over by Sinclair Broadcast Group, which is also run by Republican operatives with ties to the Trump white House.

These will be two fronts of the coordinated media attacks on our election. Together they will unleash an onslaught of local content devised to surround people who rely on local coverage with an alarming amount of disinformation about what’s happening in their counties. They have been laying the groundwork for years. Their confusing coverage will be amplified by the national media and Trump and the Republicans will coordinate with local legislatures to line up thousands of lawsuits that will pop up in dozens of states. The lawsuits will then be reported on in distorted ways to add to the confusion and create an infinity mirror effect.

Then it’s a shouting match, just like Florida 2000, but louder, bigger, and with even less of a thread to whatever the actual reality of the votes are. A huge overwhelming win will help, but I doubt they won’t try this anyway. It’s too easy for them to create confusion now.

The kids don’t remember this but by December in 2000 you had many people asking why they’re recounting the same ballots in Miami-Dade county 3 times when in reality the ballots were never counted in the first place. Can you imagine a couple of hundred counties in dozens of states going through that same thing all at the same time? Amplified by all of these coordinated local and national news sources that didn’t exist 20 years ago? Financed by God knows who?

So all of the confusion has one goal. Get it in the courts. They’ll have armies of lawyers getting lawsuits in front of all of these Mitch McConnell appointed federalist society republican operatives posing as judges. And they’ll tee up the cases to send to the Supreme Court that now has three judges who worked on Bush’s behalf to deliver him the 2000 election. I think we all know that there is no question as to how they will rule on whatever comes their way.
So get ready for the onslaught of confusing disinformation this holiday season. Or hopefully I’m wrong. Then their option is trying to prosecute Joe Biden somehow, that probably won’t go well for everybody either. There’s probably a 4% chance he just concedes and starts a TV network like some people are speculating. But that’s not what Bill Barr, Pompeo, Wolf, and the rest of his enablers and financiers have signed up for. They signed up to end Democracy because they’re losing the demographics and this is their last and best shot at shutting it all down before they lose power. The goal is to end free and clear elections, like Putin was able to do, or Xi. Sure they didn’t really have Democracy’s in the first place, or only for a short time. But did we? Were we a real Democracy before the 1965 voting act? Or since McConnell and Roberts held a kangaroo court to keep Trump in power?

I think when they say that if Democrats win then America will be destroyed that they mean it. Because for them it will be. We’re fighting to realize an America that was promised but hasn’t been realized. They’re fighting to keep power because they don’t think the two can co-exist. That makes them really desperate and really dangerous.