The Art of the Steal

So people think I’m being alarmist or something when I say this stuff. But if you listen to Trump and Pompeo and Wolf and Barr and McCarthy they are telling you what they will do. They’re explaining the roadmap for the coup in press conferences and rallies on a daily basis. I think it’s hard for people to see because it seems so insane that it could be happening. But it is, and the plan for what comes after the stolen election is what we need to get ready for.

Trump said in an interview recently that the cops killing that Antifa guy in Portland was “how it should be done”. He’s been saying for years that the Democrats should be investigated and put on trial. Most Republicans are now calling Democrats outright crooks who are trying to destroy our democracy. Barr said we should charge protestors with sedition and that we should investigate the Mayor of Seattle for allowing lawlessness. Mike McCarthy said that in 40 some odd days they will remove Schiff, Pelosi, Nadler, and Waters. Really? How? Are they expected to take the house? Are those democrats on the verge of losing the election? No, they’re not. And if you watch any conservative media, of which FOX is now the least crazy, their supporters are 10,000% behind these ideas.

The House Foreign Affairs Committee held a hearing yesterday on Trump’s firing of an inspector general that was looking into wrongdoing by Pompeo and the Saudi arms deal among other criminal offenses. Every DHS official testifying under oath stonewalled and outrageously lied to Democrats with incredible confidence all while Republicans called the hearing a sham and a threat to our democracy.

Armed militias are showing up at rally’s and statehouses and intimidating local officials and protestors. They’re starting to resemble an early version of the blackshirts in Italy and Trump is constantly signaling to them and saying if police are defunded they’ll have no choice but to act. Or maybe they should act before the Democrats have a chance to fulfill their master plan of destroying America. That’s their language now.

The general mentality coming from Trump supporters, state media, and the Republicans is that the Democrats are trying to steal the election and it’s up to MAGAs to stop it and then prosecute anyone and everyone involved. And obviously that’s what many of us are saying about them. I am anyway and I believe that if we don’t prosecute these people and hold trials, then we’re in trouble. The difference is we’re right and they’re delusional. It’s an amazingly effective tactic to accuse your opponent of exactly what you are guilty of and Trump is truly a master of that strategy.

So yes, the coup is happening. All of the players are on the board and moving. And the narrative is the same on both sides, but the MAGAs are fully onboard and believe that the future of America is at stake on a level that the left just isn’t embracing. Seriously, in your mind picture how screwed up it’ll be if Trump stays in office. Got it? Ok, now pour gasoline on that and hit it with a flamethrower (Elon Musk is selling them) and now you’re getting close to MAGA level intensity. It doesn’t matter if their fears are all fabrications. There’s one overarching reality and it’s the law and order message. This country has been asked to confront its systemic racism on a level we haven’t seen in 50 years and it’s breaking people’s minds. Some are scared and angry and getting extremely agitated while others are just shutting down and refusing to accept what’s happening so that they don’t have to confront reality. Trump is harnessing all of this like it’s a game show and his enablers are riding on it to bring in their fascist regime. Which by the way will just be the latest manifestation of our original sin manifesting itself. Whenever we have tried to correct this wrong it morphes, like from slavery, to jim crow, to our modern miltarized police and prison complex. Half of this country was ready to go to war to preserve “Real America” and I don’t think there are not many who still would. In writing sometimes a double negative is used for effect.

So here’s a really likely situation in November, and this isn’t just me saying this, people like Al Franken, David Axelrod, and many other mainstream political pundits are speculating at this possibility. Trump loses the popular by 5+ million votes and calls every swing state and democrat leaning state into question. He has an army of corrupt local officials and stacked federal judges to help Team Trump sow chaos. Trump is now openly saying the election will be decided by federal judges. In the chaos, he’ll call the election for himself and enough of the Senate Republicans he needs to keep the Senate. Then Roberts either affirms that result or just does nothing.

Then, if we listen to what Trump and Barr and McCarthy, and pundits like Tucker Carlson are already saying, the trials against Democrats will start. The committees are already in place in the Senate and the House. DHS will begin mass incarceration, placing a felony on everyone they arrest to make sure their votes don’t count in the future. As I mentioned, Barr has said they are reviewing thousands of hours of protest footage already. MAGAs will love it. Remember freedom fries and people screaming love it or leave it? That’ll seem quaint. And over a few years, they’ll dismantle what’s left of our shaky democracy and we’ll have elections in name only. That’s usually how it’s played out.

A significant amount of the populace is gonna be just fine with this and they’re going to go to work and make money and all of that and they’re gonna feel safe. And the majority could easily go along because what are they gonna do? Overthrow the Government? That could take a few hard-fought years or decades. I would like to think we would rise up and get millions of us in the streets, but there are at least 30-40 million who will show up to shout us down, and right now we don’t come close to their energy level.

So not only is this the most important election in our lifetime, it may be our last.