Ratcliffe, our latest National Intelligence Director, is also the latest to join a chorus of wannabe one party rule officials that we’ll need to put on trial.

So if you’re wondering how far they’ll go to steal this election, and what will happen when they do, Daniel Ratcliffe’s illuminous Fox Business Report interview sums it up.

In the interview he conflates previous Hunter Biden intelligence determinations with the recent laptop controversy, which the FBI has yet to determine or make a statement about. However, over 20 retired intelligence agents drafted a letter stating that they believe it has all of the earmarks of the previous Hunter conspiracy that our intelligence agencies fully believe to be Russian propaganda concerning Burisma.

Ratcliffe knows this but yet he went on Fox Business and claimed that there is no intelligence that Russia is involved and that Adam Schiff lied to congress, and the American people, which is patently untrue but he conflated the recent laptop story into the previous known to be false story. Ratcliffe then promised to continue an investigation that will lead to prosecuting top Democrats who he accused of drumming up the fake Russia conspiracy that got Trump impeached. That includes Schiff, Clinton, Biden, Obama, Pelosi and others. Not kidding he only names Clinton here but at other times named all of those names. A complete and easily refutable distortion of facts that fully aligns with using known Russian election interference to help Trump win this election.

We’re in tin pot dictator territory here folks and we’re going to need trials. Because if we don’t do it they will. And if they win this thing they definitely will. You can watch the interview here.