Let’s start by saying I hope I’m wrong

Let’s start by saying that I hope I’m wrong.

All right America here it is. If all goes well tonight (or tomorrow) will either be a celebration or more likely the start to the three most hectic months you’ve ever seen. And then a celebration and then we can really start building a better world. Otherwise it’ll be years of unrest.

So make sure you get everyone to vote, get your workouts in and stop freaking out. It’ll be a long few weeks or months until we’re certain we get this regime out of here. But I’m hopeful that we’ll do it. Remember this is the best opportunity we’ve had in a generation to prove that when we are confronted by fascism we always arc toward a better place.

A few things to keep in mind. Most Trump supporters are absolutely 100% convinced that Biden is going to try to steal the election. Surprised? Of course you’re not, that’s the tactic. Claim that your enemy is doing what you’re doing in plain site. It’s amazingly effective on some people.

So most likely sometime tonight, or tomorrow, Trump will claim victory and the battle of the lawyers and protests begin. But you never know Trump is also a chaos agent and something else could come out of left field, we’ll know shortly.

His base is ready, they’re already driving around and blocking bridges and trying to run buses off the road. Someone somewhere is probably trying to figure out how to kidnap a governor. They’re psyched and, as I said, convinced that Biden will steal the election and that all of us Biden voters are brainwashed and don’t realize that a Biden win will end our freedom and usher in Socialism. See how that works? So they’re kind of motivated, but they could easily burn themselves out really fast.

Remember they’re not living in their parents’ basement like we are, they have jobs and stuff to do, that’s why they’re on facebook all day. Actually there’s already signs that many are tired of the chaos and are already burning out and when Trump starts demanding more action it could deactivate many of them. You’re probably seeing all the posts about whoever wins, and let’s heal, and all that. That’s exhaustion.

So I hope I’m wrong but if not please remember to pace yourselves. Eat right, talk to friends about how to engage, get your workouts in and drink plenty of water. If you can’t imagine what it looks like just look up what’s happening in Poland and Belarus. We’re not Belarus you say? Ok prove it, because actually we need to be Belarus right now, they’re doing it, they’re standing up to it. And so can we, the whole world is watching. Mostly in disgusted disbelief but still, they’re watching and generally hoping that we can pull this off.

Good luck America.