Law and Order Roundtable in Kenosha

Trump went to Kenosha, not to heal or deal with real problems, it’s part of his election strategy. He went there to announce his strategy for keeping the peace. Spoiler alert, his solution is fascism. Here’s a few highlights of what happened:

Trump endlessly praised the police and said everybody loves them.

Trump said he might override Governors and send in federal troops to Democrat run cities.

Bill Barr said that the Feds are reviewing thousands of hours of footage and plan on making mass arrests of anyone they can identify who threw rocks or other deadly force measures as he put it.

Trump repeatedly stated that systemic racism in policing, or anywhere, doesn’t exist.

When asked what he would say to Jacob Blake’s family he basically said that people were looking into the circumstances and it was complicated we’ll find out what happened. No well wishes for a recovery or an ounce of compassion whatsoever.

Trump brought in some black pastors who said they were the Blake family’s pastors and then he spoke over them and told them they were beautiful.

Trump said that people keep telling him that there are peaceful protests but he doesn’t see it, all he sees are violent people who need to be taken care of.

Bill Barr stated that all of the violence is senseless and about nothing other than violence, he also said systemic racism doesn’t exist.

Chad Wolf said that Kenosha was a great example of how DHS can partner with cities to end violent attacks against law enforcement who are attacked every day for just doing their jobs.

There were no masks and no social distancing for the couple of dozen people who were there. Except Trump, Barr and Wolf were distanced away from the others.

Trump ended by saying that people are calling for structural change. They don’t want to be raped and killed and are calling for more police to keep them safe. That’s the structural change the American people want. They want law and order.

And this is gonna work with more people than you think it will. People will give up liberty for the illusion of safety. Trump, as you see every day, is telling people that violent mobs are coming for their cities and that only him and his gestapo can save them. That’s his election strategy, really just a raw and naked version of what the Republicans have been saying in code for decades. It’ll work.