Everything is pizzagate now

I’m gonna make a few predictions just because it’s fun.  

First, Ron Desantis is not going to be president. Which is good news because he is truly dangerous.  If he had any appeal to the mob, or made for good TV as I like to call it, he could do a lot of damage.  But he doesn’t so he won’t.

Second, I’m going to put the odds of us salvaging our tattered democracy at 10-15%.  I know it seemed like we were kind of in the clear there for a while but that’s just because everyone stopped paying attention, because well, we needed a break wouldn’t you say?

I’m not going to mention the orange guy, who by the way is losing his orange a bit like it’s fading or something.  He already defined the playbook, not because he’s a super genius or anything, he just did crazy stuff and the rest of the Republicans were like, wow, we can just do that? So it really doesn’t matter if he’s around or not, they just need to find someone the mob likes.  And it’s not Desantis, which is good.

By the way, when I say the mob I mean our collective selves, the most base of all of our instincts, which resides in all of us at times, and a select few at others.  Right now the Republicans are relying on being able to fool 30% of the population all of the time in order to seize power and end Democracy. And they’re doing great.  Once a few get peeled away they do something insidious like denigrating trans kids and they pick up a whole new batch. They’re endlessly awesome at giving us reasons to fear and hate each other. With a smile on their face. A tried and true tactic of the ages by the way.

So if you haven’t noticed, let’s recap what’s going on.

For one, they’re constantly saying that we’re not a democracy, never have been in fact, were a Republic.  Now technically that’s true but why would they be saying it now? Because they can use that to redefine the very structure of what we believe our government should be. It’s the same as the original intent argument in the supreme court.  They use the “what did the framers mean” exactly as a way to define what they want it to be now.

If we truly believed in originalism women wouldn’t be allowed to vote today.  Nor anyone but white guys for that matter.  No, the Second Amendment doesn’t give everyone the right to anonymous gun ownership even when it presents a public threat to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  It took decades to bend our collective selves into believing such an absurd notion.  So that’s all this talk about us being a Republic is all about. Planting the seeds for changing enough of our minds about what our Government should be as they dismantle all of the gains of the 20th century.  Maybe the 19th too, I mean these guys are crazy.

Unless you watch these committee hearings and tune into Fox News and the other misinformation channels out there you probably don’t know what’s really going on. Everything is full pizzagate nutzoid now and the entirety of the Republican party is playing along.

For instance.  Did you know that the Biden crime family has been extorting foreign governments for decades and money laundering their gains through shell companies to members of their family, even the little kids? And that the FBI and DOJ have been covering it up? All while making up fake investigations against you know who? Well if you watch Fox News you know that. In fact, every investigation into the little hand’s guy was instigated by the big guy in order to keep the public from discovering his nefarious schemes. Yeah, totally, it’s insane. And it’s not just Fox saying this.  It’s Republican leadership.  They claim to have proof of a vast conspiracy and they could present it to the American people only they are being stonewalled by a corrupt DOJ and FBI that is protecting the Bidens, because get this, they want to destroy freedom in America and turn us into socialists.

I’m not kidding.  This is what they’re saying.  And they’re going to use this story to clear the government of socialist sympathizers and conspirators as soon as they can seize power.  This week some mid-level IRS agents acted as “whistleblowers” to corroborate some of what they are saying.  Because as it turns out there are people in every government agency that are willing to go along with this. That are willing to do almost anything to end our democracy and be part of the next regime.

Like I said everything is pizzagate now, and hopefully, we’ll be studying this for decades.  That is if we survive and get to write history.