Do unto others as you claim they do unto you. Mathew:666

Over the past week Republicans at every level have been hosting hearings about the election.  Many are local, but some like today’s hearing featuring Ken Starr (I’m not kidding they called in Ken Starr) and ousted cybersecurity chief Chris Krebs, was hosted by Senator Ron Johnson.  To be fair, before I criticize Johnson for spouting endless debunked conspiracy theories while hypothetically under oath, I need you to remember that Ron Johnson is a complete and utter asshole who will say anything. All right, good, we got that out of the way so let’s move on.

Now you might think all of this is just a circus, after all McConnell singled yesterday that the final end to any chance of a coup was complete.  That’s 5 weeks after the election and 5 weeks into an attempted coup, by the way.  Still he did it, but only because he is truly an evil genius who always seems to be in the x-wing while the death star gets destroyed.

Here’s the basic gist of their current argument, spoiler alert, it’s gonna sound familiar.  It goes something like this:  It’s probably too late to stop the Democrats from stealing this election but we can’t let our country fall into tyranny and we need to have faith in our elections so let’s start the hearings and investigations and they’ll probably go on for years. Rand Paul said it will probably go on for years. And as we saw with Benghazi they’ll have no problem repeating the same debunked arguments forever into infinity.

So you see what they did there and what our dilemma is. It’s actually bipartisan or nonpartisan entities that need to investigate how hundreds of Republican officials, given cover by certain media outlets, conspired to change the outcome of this election and are now conspiring to spread misinformation in order to delegitimize our election systems.  Instead, and immediately, the Republicans are starting their hearings, based on nonsense, and will be investigating Democrats and red herrings for years to come. As usual, they flipped the narrative You have to admit they’re really good at that, something about abandoning all principle allows you to do that.

So I’ve been wondering if and how hearings could precede, will they work, how can the narrative be held so it just doesn’t create even more zombies falling into this well of  misinformation. But now I don’t think any of that matters.  The writing is on the wall and if we don’t do it, and somehow not screw it up, we’ll have half the population believing that they live in a tyrannical society while half the government, and certain media, conspiring to make sure that we do.

In these hearings many Senators, and people like the Dominion CEO and Chris Krebs, are now stating out loud that the actions of certain Republicans, and the media they conspire with, must be investigated in order to preserve our election systems going forward and to end the incitement of violence that is being directed at hundreds of election officials right now.  You add all of that together with over 7 million more people voting against this freefall into bizarro world and I don’t see a way out of investigations, a change in media laws and new safeguards against how elected officials are expected to conduct themselves. Also, don’t seat those Republicans that signed a letter claiming that the same election that gave them a victory was somehow rigged. I mean that’s just logic.

Sure, the systems held by a thread and this route will be a slippery slope? But aren’t we already on a really, really, really slippery slope just above a really, really, really big rabbit hole? We need all the adults to take over and not think this thing will just magically go away, you know, like magic.