Coup Phase Two

Ok so we got through phase one and frankly we can thank Black women for pulling that off. And Biden, that’ll piss off a lot of my friends, but come on he did it. So now phase two kicks off and they’re on it. 

So one the thing to keep in mind is that Trump could not do this alone.  He’s just the chaos agent the rest jumped on board with to bring us into authoritarian rule. Democracy is untenable now as they don’t have the numbers anymore.  This is their last best shot before being overrun. They’re desperate, so the play is to delegitimize the election, rile the base, get as many lawsuits out there as they can, coerce local legislatures to choose their own electorates in the chaos, throw out bogus indictments on key democrats and react to violence in the streets with greater violence and our military.  That’s just all the things they said out loud. 

If they can get two key states to send fake electorates to the Senate for confirmation they can throw the whole election into question. If they can do that then maybe they can get the election to the supreme court or to a house vote and we’ll lose in either case. And if you’re wondering what our option is after that you can look at Belarus, seriously, check out Belarus.  The next 8-12 weeks will now determine what the next few years, or even decades, will be like. I was hoping they wouldn’t go for it but they seem to be.

In the past couple of days a few things happened. Trump fired Defense Secretary Espers. Among other things Espers pushed back on Trump when he wanted to send federal troops to American cities. That triggered the resignation of the undersecretary of defense and they have now put a Trump loyalist in the next top position.  Bill Barr announced that federal prosecutors could announce investigations into local voting irregularities, prompting the top elections fraud prosecutor to quit in protest.  The move is probably to throw into question as many states as possible with bogus investigations that Republicans can seize on. Mike Pompeo when asked in a press conference today whether there would be a smooth transfer of power said “There will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration”. Going on to say that “We’re ready” and the “Whole world is watching what’s taking place”, basically mimicking Trump’s stolen election theme.

Meanwhile China and Russia have said they’ll recognize who the next US President is when we have sorted out our election issues. You can count the amount of top republicans who are speaking out against this on one hand.  Ken Starr said counting votes might be illegal, Lindsey Graham said that if Republicans don’t challenge this election and change our voting rules there will never be another Republican President. McConnell said Trump was “100% within his rights”.  It goes on and on and on with these types of quotes. They are now in lockstep down to local legislatures and Federal judges across the country.

Trump’s base was shocked at first but after a few nights with Tucker Carlson they’re now thoroughly convinced that Trump won and the Democrats and the lamestream media are stealing this election right in front of their eyes. Trump is sending fundraising emails every couple of hours raising money to fight the stolen election in the courts. You’re probably noticing the Trumpsters in your life going from silence to starting to get pretty agitated.  Expect a lot more of that. 

Without Trump conceding the Biden team is not able to start the normal transition, not getting access to documents and there’s no guarantees that they are getting valid intelligence reports since Trump has refused to give him access to the daily presidential briefings, as is normally done.  

So they initially bungled the play but they’re still going to make this play.  As ridiculous as it looks there’s no guarantees that they won’t pull it off.  There are a lot of bad actors moving on the board and our election system is about to be tested like no other time in modern history, or ever. Maybe they’ll just fizzle, I mean they’re a clown show, but then again so we’re the Nazis.