Michael DiGioia

To see what I've been up to for the past number of years, please visit www.mediamadegreat.com, the Chicago digital agency that I co-founded. Some cherry picked highlights below.

606 - Conagra Mural w/ Jeff Zimmerman - Quick social media piece documenting the creation of the Conagra mural at the Wicker Park entrance to the 606.

Mantra Made Great - Mmg's 2017 April fool's video. We're a digital marketing agency and yoga center, the first in the western hemisphere.

The Mag 7 - A quick rock video we did for Tony Mac's project The Mag 7. Classic three camera rooftop rock and roll set up.

The Hunting Accident - A little social media promo for the graphic novel The Hunting Accident, the true story of crime and redemption.

Action Test w/ Wu - We shot and edited this martial arts piece in 4 hours for a pitch we were making. It's fun.

Stop Motion Promo - Internal promo we made for our site redesign.

The Great CD One Cold Rush - HTML5 racing game. Web app that simply plays in a browser. Plays best on a phone.

Here are some recent photosets. I'll be posting more as I migrate them off of social media where I generally have been publishing these.

Harith Augustus NAARPR Rally - Part of a series of shoots during protests about the circumstances surrounding the death of Harith Augustus.

Harith Augustus Vigil - Part of a series of shoots during protests about the circumstances surrounding the death of Harith Augustus.

Harith Augustus rally in front of Mayor Rahm Emanuel's house - Part of a series of shoots during protests about the circumstances surrounding the death of Harith Augustus.

Below are a number of interactive design, journalism and photography projects from the dark ages of the web, i.e. before the iPhone. These are best viewed in a desktop browser and may require flash to see. Please excuse the mess as some of these aren't in the best shape since they were coded over a decade ago. Maybe someday I'll have the time to modernize some of these. But for now it's a fun archive.

Chiapas Media Project - Interactive informational piece about Chiapas, MX, with the Chiapas Media Project.

Cuba 2000 Project - An interactive bicycle journey through Cuba. Excerpts of this were published in the Chicago Tribune magazine, La Arena, photos from this series have been exhibited in Chicago and Paris.

Cuba 2000 Series - Photos from the Cuba2000 Project that have been in international exhibits and magazines. Also see the interactive cuba2000 project which contains an interactive map of Cuba, more photos and my journal from the trip.

Dream Havana - Documentary - This feature length documentary tells the story of Jorge Luis Mota and Ernesto Santana, two friends who made radically different choices; live through cuba's darkest hour or flee by sea. I was Assistant Director and DP. Dream Havana was broadcast on PBS in January of 2009.

Iraq-U.S. Relations Timeline - Developed to educate people about the relationship between the United States and Iraq during the lead up to the War. This was downloaded in the tens of thousands of times from various sites. There was a color poster and smaller 8x10 pdf version that people were encouraged to print and distribute. Worth a looksy.

Hubbard Street Murals - Video short used as an educational and promotional tool for the Hubbard Street Mural Project.

Commercial Portraits - Images from various magazines of actors, musicians and other people that like to stand in front of a camera.

Silicon Prairie Magazine - Covers of Silicon Prairie, a magazine I was art director of for the Chicago Tribune.

Elvis - A fun package I produced for the Chicago Tribune. Extremely dated from a Interactive Design standpoint but reading through the timeline makes it worth a visit. The direction of the timeline was influenced by being escorted through Memphis by filmmaker J. Michael McCarthy.

Project Astro - Kids Game - Educational game for Astronomical Society of the Pacific.

Video Ape - Video Ape The Famous Sidekick to the T.V. Sheriff.

Zapatour - Story journal and photos from the Zapatour. In 2002 the Zapatistas staged a nationwide tour promoting indigenous rights. Not sure if this is the final edited version and the photos lack captions on this version.

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